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I do get credit for the referral if you buy through my links, but this never influences my ratings or thoughts and I truly appreciate your support!Click here to buy one on the official Dr Dabber website, you'll find all of the accessories I mentioned there also. If anything goes wrong with the battery within 3 months the manufacturer will replace it free of charge, but the atomizers aren't really covered. When SAVE 30% at V2.COM - Limited Sale On NOW it's completely dead it'll take about 2 hours to fully recharge with the usb adapter they include.It also holds a charge for a long time which is nice, I'm still running on the last full charge I gave it almost a month ago. Figure you should be able to get at least a few days of regular use out of it before it dies. Luckily, these pieces don't hold a lot of water so the change in taste is negligible.Usually the lower the volume of water you filter through the better, because this gives you a little of the filtration without changing the taste much. Vaping through water can help smooth it out a little bit, but it can also strip out a lot of the flavor if you use too much.

Highlights: the ability to adjust temperature is a real advantage; gets to operating temperature quickly; appears and feels well made; attractive and functional form; inconspicuous; efficient. Have had the Hbeb Titan 2 for a week now and its working great !!!After a little experimenting with finding the correct temperature it preforms even better. Do not believe the negative reviews, this is a must buy for everyone that doesnt want to get poisoned by nicotine! Probably would have been a bit sooner but I usually start drawing when it reaches 350F. We have tried another unit from a different maker, and the Hebe Titan 2 is far better for dry flowers. It took a few tries to get the slight plastic smell to go away.Complaints: doesn't stay at operating temperature for long before it has to be reset; LCD screen gets heat distortion and can be difficult to read if plugged in to outside power supply while in use (looks like wiring gets hot from heating element and is passed down the active circuit to black out the lcd screen, unplugging and a few seconds of cooling and it goes back to normal even while in use).As a main home unit, its vapor is warm and the unit requires a bit more fiddling to keep it at temperature than I prefer.

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